Weight setting wrong on Companion app

I did, it was working fine the whole time, only this morning it was changed into 7000. I even did a race yesterday without any problems. The question is why did it change by itself?

This is surely the same issue that others began having after a behind-the-scenes update in Companion, as documented in this still-unresolved thread:

From what I’ve understood through reading the various entries in that and other threads, there’s a clash between the formats of the weight data in two different Zwift instances for people running on devices that are in certain languages that aren’t English.

People seem to be having success with the workaround where they modify the weight as mentioned by James (above) in one platform, and then not opening/modifying the weight field elsewhere. No idea why you would just get it now, but you’re far from alone.

Like the German language bug in Companion that has been known about since Dec 2021 but still not resolved, this one seems to be blocked in ZHQ’s bug-correction process because they don’t have anyone who can competently work on issues related to Zwift/Companion running in a non-English language environment and rely on low-capacity AI to do translation with, apparently, no checking by human eyes and brains.


As Roule pointed out, the Companion app shows 70.00 kg as 7000 kg with some language settings. As long as you don’t change your weight in Companion, you’ll be fine. Just viewing the profile info and pressing Save counts as a change (adding those two extra digits) even if you don’t touch the values so don’t do that, press Discard instead. And yeah, this is just beyond embarrassing.


The problem is indeed in the companionapp. I have checked it. I’ve changed my profile pic in the app and everytime i access my settings through the app it changes my weight to 7000kg.

I does not work. Every time, when I click Save, weight is changing. Any problem on Iphone, but I dont try to ride.

Guys, why my weight is 720000kg now?

It’s a known problem when changing your weight in the Companion app for some languages. Change your weight properly in the main Zwift app and it will be fine.

I need to use ZC to connect BLE sensors, and I was trying your solution earlier, every time weight was multiplied by 100. I will use Iphone, there is no problem.

you can use the ZC app, but just avoid editing your profile there, since it adds two zeroes to your weight every time you hit the “Save” button… Edit your weight in the Zwift app and to be on the safe side, don’t even look at your profile in the ZC app.


I just had my first ride with my newly bought Kickr Bike after having setup Zwift on my PC. Everything went smoothly. I have created my profile and entered my weight (solid 110 kg) and height (186cm). I have seen that the weight is saved as 11000 kg which I found weird, but perhaps the dot is missing and it should rather say 110.00 kg

Now I had my first ride and if I have 110 Watts it should say 1.0 w/kg or am I wrong? But it rather stated 0.6 w/kg and it was not a pleasant ride. I mean I know that I am not fit (major reason to having bought the bike and entering Zwift). But this felt as I was pulling a caravan.

I have entered the weight multiple times via different options (website, companion app, windows app).
Perhaps I misunderstood the calculation of w/kg and I am the least fit person on Zwift. Any suggestions are appreciated.

This is a known bug, but it should work ok if you enter your weight in the Zwift app itself and not in Companion.

Thank you. I opened the above text as an own topic and it has been merged into this thread. I was pointed here and it is working fine now. I am no longer pulling an elephant.

Thanks again

Especially since they don’t seem to sync appropriately, especially if you’re going in and out of events.

Mad how this hasn’t been fixed yet. Imagine all the people that don’t frequent these (or any) forums.