Watts are W NOT w... (W/kg!)

The use of the metric system is nearly universal, and especially in the cycling community. ALL implementations of the Metric system of measurement require that the symbol for the term watt(s) be expressed with the capital letter W, NOT a lowercase w. I’m not permitted to link to the actual reference, but it’s easy to check this with the NIST, and with any of the other myriad national metrology bodies. W/kg NOT w/kg!

Why not express these units correctly, and according to US law?!


Why are you capitalizing watts but not kilograms?

Be patient with us, many of us had an american public school education

IIRC the rule is that SI units derived from a person’s name have a capitalized abbreviation, the others lowercase.


Anna Ronkainen (below) is quite correct. The unit symbol for pascals is Pa (named for Blaise Pascal - the French mathematician, physicist, inventor, philosopher, writer and Catholic theologian) for example, but time is measured in seconds (SI unit symbol s, NOT S)… Distance (length) is expressed in meters (SI unit symbol m, NOT M). Units of electric current are expressed in amperes (SI unit symbol A, NOT a - named after André-Marie Ampère). Get it?

It’s never too late to continue one’s education.