Watts are not accurate

I have a wahoo kickr snap and a wahoo core. I’m able to hold a higher average wats on the snap than the core while riding a Zwift route. About 20 wats for the same duration. I tried to calibrate each one several times but nothing changed. Any suggestions?

Hi @Martin_van_Heeswijk, welcome to the forums.

The snap is not as accurate as the core. +/- 3% for the snap and 2% for the core. The reading on the core is likely the more realistic of the two and the snap is reading high.


20 watt discrepancy between 2 different power meters doesn’t sound crazy to me

seems quite normal I used a snap for around 18 months before swapping to neo and lost about 20-30w.
Wheel on trainers will always be less accurate just by their nature of other variable factors like tyre pressure, training tension etc.

It seems I was opposite of most people - I gained about 25W when I upgraded from a Snap to direct drive. I think some of it depends on roller tension, what tires you use, etc. I know someone who used different wheels & tires on a Snap and had an increase of ~40W.