Watts and FTP drastically increase after Zwift ride

Nope, we have different accounts and bikes, we only share the trainer lol :joy:

another elite direto issue… whats going on man

I have had the same issue using Direto X this week. I’m have some noise issues with the trainer and Elite got me to remove the belt and check the pulley wheel for tightness. Think this caused it, I’m going to try and get an effected ride removed.

need to re-calibrate every time you take bike off / put it back on the trainer or it won’t be accurate, so that probably explains it

also you need to up your HR in your FTP test efforts :smiley: they are supposed to be max effort tests!

I’m sticking this here but it’s slightly off topic.
I know most people know this, I know this,but apparently I needed to remind myself.
I decided to do a max 3 min effort to update my data.
Take off at the intended goal and died after 1 min and did a tempo ride.
Not good.
Yesterday, did 3 x15 at FTP then 10 min recovery then 3 min efforts and set a new 3 min PB.
Do dave yourself for this efforts.
Warm up hard, recover and you may surprise yourself with better numbers.