Wattbike Users Only - ignore if you use other trainers!!

(Steve Holmes VC Norwich) #1

I have a Wattbike and have a couple of quick questions as I’m considering the use of Zwift.

I obviously understand that the Wattbike does not have the direct drive ability of other trainers.

Am I correct in saying that when you hit a hill you just increase your cadence / power output to replicate the increase in resistance from a direct drive trainer?

And, that on a downhill section you would not be able to replicate the drop off in power normally associated with this on a direct drive trainer.

Thanks in advance.



(Stuart Davis) #2

I use a Wattbike and yes, you don’t get the same experience as with a smart trainer, but sometimes that can be an advantage too.

Your speed in Zwift will always reflect what power you are doing (or it thinks you are doing) so if you hold a constant power on the Wattbike you will just slow down on the climbs; to climb faster is just a case of increasing your cadence or resistance to up the power.

It works fine for descending, you can back off the power just as you would out on the bike and Zwift simulates your downhill speed, taking into account your weight.

I think the biggest disadvantage for “the game” is not really getting the drafting effect - but when I’m on the Wattbike I’m generally doing a workout so it’s no big deal.


(Steve Holmes VC Norwich) #3



Thanks for replying and answering my question.