Spin bike with watt pedals vs trainer

I did a meetup with a friend yesterday. He has a normal setup with smart trainer and I am doing watt pedals on a spin bike. If I don’t to manually change the resistance I can push the same cadence and power uphill as I do on flats, when he gets adjusted by zwift. I experienced a big difference uphill and he got lost behind every time. Is this an unfair ride due to the setup? In addition I have some in game upgrades while he has just started, pluss he is a heavier rider.

Hi @Kim_Go

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If you use power pedals then your power and speed will be accurate.

What is the weight difference, being heavy makes it hard to go up.

Thanks for clearing that up, Gerrie.

I am guessing it’s about 30kg difference between us.

30kg is a lot. That is why you fly past him.