Walking on treadmill with MilestonePod

H folks 

I’m a newby I have a treadmill I can only walk but it’s working well .

I have severe arthritis in my knee and a fused ankle I am trying to build up my stamina by walking . It’s easier on the treadmill because uneven ground can be extra painful to walk in. I just wanted anyone who may be in my situation to know that it is possible to do this with Zwift. I would love a comparable bike but very limited funds .

the game records my speed right down to 2.5 mph my max walking pace is 4. So I think this is quite impressive as it’s designed fir much faster moving , just wanted to say love it oh and all the people on bikes that pass me , thanks fir not running me over lol 


 I would love a comparable bike but very limited funds

Your cheapest option would be to take your bike and purchase a Garmin wheel sensor with an ANT+ dongle and cord (if using a computer). Then purchase a used trainer (check the compatible list of trainers) from Craig’s list or EBay. Sometimes, you can catch a great sale around the holidays or at least free shipping. A new Kinetic fluid trainer may be 400 but a lot of people upgrade to smart trainer and you may find one for 100 or 200. Hope it goes well for you. Keep going, my friend.

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Thank you but I don’t own a bike, mt knee has been bad a long time, hoping fir a new knee early next year . If they say I can ride a bike with it I will seriously think about it.

im a pensioner so funds are very limited , I would just love to make sure I can keep my legs working , at the minute I’m restricted to walking , thank you for taking the time to reply

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