Wahoo Kickr Core Not Reading Power

Hi, thanks for the reply and yes I’m certain its not Bluetooth related. I’ve made sure no other devices are stealing the connection (although thats not so important on the kickr anyway as it supports multiple Bluetooth channels). I’ve also tested using Ant+ and get exactly the same issue.

I got 3,066km and 7 months out of my Kickr '18 before it ate itself with this exact problem this evening. I guess I’m now in the queue for Wahoo customer service. Here’s to hoping.

(fingers crossed)

Greetings from the Philippines. I bought a Wahoo Kickr Core last March 31. I’ve been using it around 4-5 days a week and just this afternoon I noticed it was not transmitting Speed, Power and Cadence. I switched to the Wahoo App to check the sensor and same thing. No Speed, Power and Cadence. I was really hoping that this issue was fixed as this problem was reported as early as 2018. I will be bringing my unit to the official distributor here in the Philippines and hopefully have it replaced.

It’s 2023 and these problems are still happening.
Had my KICKR V5 for almost 3 years and suddenly no power reading. Tried the factory reset, no change. What a pile of heavy poo. I’ll stick with outdoor real riding.

My KICKR v5 just failed too. Purchased in 2020. I think i got 100-120 rides on it. I’m undecided on what to replace it with.

Wahoo sometimes provides good support out of warranty. I’d try that first.

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Yeah, they offered me a refurbished KICKR v5 for $390. Comes with a 120 day warranty. Or, they offered me 20% off a new KICKR, KICKR Core, KICKR Snap, etc. I am leaning toward a Core, since I’d get a 1 year warranty.


I have the same problem… since 2 weeks I had to unplug every time the trainer and then it is ok for one training and then again when I start the next day it doesnt send the power info … still I manage to do a workout, but I am scared it will stop working at all… so I contacted wahoo support and they will send me a replacement , I am just a bit worried if this problem will appear again. does anyone had a replacement that is well functioning and without problem?

Same issue for my, after 3 years mine got crazy.

But works, sometime had issue with connection but after couple of minutes starts workin normaly.

I am trying to find out what is root cause of those freezing issue. Next time will turn off after training.