Wahoo Kickr Core Not Reading Power

Mine stopped working mid-ride last Sunday after three months of use. Unfortunately, my lbs didn’t have any units in stock to replace it on the spot. Ironically, the shop owner says he decided to stock the Kickr instead of the Flux because he felt Wahoo was a more reliable brand. He didn’t say how many other units he’d seen, but I already had to bring the unit in previously for the loose screw issue, so the whole batch mine came from may be bad.

I don’t even have the luxury of riding outside since we’re still on the tail end of a very snowy winter.

Mine gave up the ghost. It had a nasty knocking noise with vibration that travelled through the bike. It felt like whatever creates the resistance on the flywheel had come loose… maybe?!

My local shop had to send the videos I made to Wahoo and they have approved a replacement. No grabbing a new one from the shop unfortunately, so I have been without for a week. I’m glad it has been resolved fairly quickly without issue, but fear how long the next one will last?!

My first one was replaced and got a new one back in Jan. That replacement unit has now died.
Won’t be giving it a 3rd try.

FWIW, if anyone considering a Kickr Core, I’d suggest something else. This isn’t a product ready for market.

My 4th Kickr Core arrived yesterday. I can only wonder how long this one will last. For those of you that have had issues, do you have a problem with static electricity in your home? Do you have your Kickr on carpet? I’m starting to wonder if something isn’t getting fried inside by static electricity.

Mine was on laminate flooring and I was minutes into a ride when it died.

Thank you Stefan. I am using my KICKR Core send directly from Atlanta with the new Electronic Board for 2 weeks now. This new KICKR is even quieter than the old ones. Everything works fine for now. I hope this problem is fixed with the new Electronic Board. :crossed_fingers:

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Glad to hear they are responsive. I’m on my second kickr now, first issue was a clicking noise that was too loud to be anything mechanically good, then after replacement I’ve gone for a ride today and the power/speed will not register, even after the blue tooth is connected and I can feel resistance when pedaling.

2nd Kickr working great for a month.

Has this topic been quiet since April? That seems to indicate that the problem might be identified and remedied? I hope so…

I picked up a refurbed Core direct from Wahoo on oct 11, 2019. Had a few good rides on it. I think I’m under ten hours. Tried to spindown today and speed target showed for a few seconds and then switched to n/a. Bluetooth is now connected via the iOS app but no metrics are reading.

Zwift on windows with ANT usb dongle is working fine - all metrics transmitting as expected. But if I can’t spindown it’s not worth much. I submitted a support ticket with various pictures and videos so I hope they resolve it quickly. I am remaining optimistic, but I’m gonna ride the heck out of a replacement (if they send one) to make sure I break it ASAP rather than running out the warranty period only to break it next winter.

That’s a great motivation to train!

Wahoo sent me these steps and they got the app reading the metrics from the trainer again:

  1. unpair the KICKR from the Wahoo Fitness app, if you previously paired it to the Bluetooth settings of your phone, you will need to unpair it from there as well.

  2. Once the KICKR is unpaired, unplug the KICKR.

  3. Now, power your phone down and power it back on.

  4. Once your phone is on, plug the KICKR back in - make sure the blue light is flashing.

  5. Open the Wahoo Fitness app and pair the KICKR and try to perform a spindown.

This problem still exists. Purchased a unit in early December. Was able to ride for a maximum of ten minutes before it stopped reading power. Still in discussion with Wahoo customer support. Waiting for a new power brick to arrive to see if that rectifies the problem.

My first one lasted 3 months then I got a updated replacement. The second one just died about 2 weeks ago just shy of one year. I don’t think I ever used any equipment as fragile and unreliable as the Kickr Core! This coming from an owner of a Land Rover!

I bought my wahoo core back in Dec of 18. Didn’t really use it due to riding on my bike shop teams trainers whenever I was indoors. Now with Covid 19 had to use my own. Yesterday power was dropping out. Today no power no speed. Contacted service support. Hopefully they do the right thing since this is a known issue. If not I’m not buying a wahoo again.