Wahoo Kickr Core Not Reading Power

(Luc Theriault) #146

Mine stopped working mid-ride last Sunday after three months of use. Unfortunately, my lbs didn’t have any units in stock to replace it on the spot. Ironically, the shop owner says he decided to stock the Kickr instead of the Flux because he felt Wahoo was a more reliable brand. He didn’t say how many other units he’d seen, but I already had to bring the unit in previously for the loose screw issue, so the whole batch mine came from may be bad.

I don’t even have the luxury of riding outside since we’re still on the tail end of a very snowy winter.

(Mat) #147

Mine gave up the ghost. It had a nasty knocking noise with vibration that travelled through the bike. It felt like whatever creates the resistance on the flywheel had come loose… maybe?!

My local shop had to send the videos I made to Wahoo and they have approved a replacement. No grabbing a new one from the shop unfortunately, so I have been without for a week. I’m glad it has been resolved fairly quickly without issue, but fear how long the next one will last?!