Wahoo Kicker and Zwift

(Jennifer Roberge) #1

Wondering if or how you calibrate the kicker so it knows what gear is appropriate for your riding ability

(Lin) #2

You calibrate the Kickr so that it gives you accurate power readings.

Your gearing is entirely up to you when riding around in Zwift, same as if you were riding outside. You change the gears to suit the terrain or your legs.

Did I answer your question or completely misunderstand?

(Shaun Elphick) #3

To calibrate your Kickr you need to conduct a spin down, either in Zwift or the Wahoo Utility App. Ensure you have been riding for a few minutes to ensure the Kickr is warm for accurate calibration.

Gearing for Zwift is as you would ride on the road (constant changes) except when in Erg mode (workouts) when it doesn’t matter what gear you select as the Kickr is demanding a set power, ie if you want to produce it at say 50 Rpm or 110 rpm you just meet the demand.

(Jennifer Roberge) #4

Thank you for the response. Should I do this before every ride.

(Lin) #5

If you don’t move your Kickr around and leave it plugged in, there really isn’t a need to do it every ride. You could do it every couple of weeks. Do it once after you warmup for 10-15min. Do your ride. Then, after the ride. Do it again. You should be good for several weeks. This is what I did in the past when I owned a Kickr. I would compare the Kickr to my bike powermeter and everything would still be fine.

However, if you’re unplugging your Kickr and moving it around. I’d recommend calibrating it every ride.