Wahoo Direct Connect Adapter

Should be much easier to implement - all other major platforms support it already. Just shows the incompetence of Zwift.

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Now that the UCI worlds are going to be run again on Zwift after all, and Wahoo is the new UCI trainer sponsor, meaning all athletes will probably again be competing on trainers supplied by the organization i.e. latest-model Kickrs…

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Dropouts suck.


I’ve had this adapter close to a year now. Zwift, please put a priority on supporting direct connect.


After the 1.19 update, still no support for the Wahoo Direct Connect. It’s almost a year since Wahoo launched it’s direct connect adapter. Yet, Zwift still fails to implement this - while other major platforms have it implemented (KICKR Direct Connect is compatible with The Wahoo SUF Training App, Trainer Road, Rouvy, Fulgaz, bKool, RGT Cycling and Veloreality, with more 3rd party partners in the future).
@Wes WHEN??


Still no update? :weary:


This is disappointing. I’ve had my direct connect sitting since it was initially released! Has it been a year?!

They focus on nonsense updates. I’ve been on Zwift since 2016 and am fed up. I’m seriously considering switching to Wahoo Fitness. This is ridiculous.


I have been an avid swifter since it’s inception. I bought a kickr with the direct connect capability in order to enhance the virtual riding experience.

Zwift, please get this done or at the very least, can you provide a view on when the platform will be updated to accommodate the direct connect feature?

Thank you.


All athletes participating in UCI worlds will indeed be on latest-model Kickrs, but no mention of a Direct Connect option anywhere.

@Wes @Eric When will this be implemented? All other major platforms support it already!

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Please implement this feature!!!


I am considering leaving zwift if the wahoo direct adapter is not implemented And please finally give a timeline here for when this will be implemented

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It’s rather odd that they can get the companion app to work over IP but to the wahoo connect dongle!!

It’s almost as if they’re waiting to release their own hardware with it on first!