W/kg and speed

What’s the rough relationship between w/kg and speed? I am on a relatively flat section and doing around 2.5 on average. I just got overtaken by someone at a very high speed.

I glanced at his / her w/kg, assuming that they were the putting in a huge effort. However, the number didn’t get above 2.0 at any time and probably averaged around 1.7 w/kg.

About 90 seconds or so later that rider was showing up as over 40 seconds ahead of me. At no time did his / her number go above mine and the highest I saw, briefly, was 2.7.

That doesn’t jive with my general understanding. Am I missing something?

Others will chime in with more specifics but yes, people who weigh more than you dont have to put out as much power to maintain a certain speed - think about wind resistance etc.

If you came across the same person on a hill, the result would likely be the opposite.

Supposedly its pretty much like real life, but as I dont ride on the road, I cant verify.

Yes, that’s fair Dean. That said, it was the extent of the difference that surprised me, not simply that a lower figure overtook me. At the rate I was passed I had expected her to be in the red or maybe doing an FTP.

That said, I think the issue may be at my end. I tend to watch videos when working out, so don’t pay too much attention to Zwift. But on the Jungle Loop yesterday I did around 14 mins…but today I just noticed I did 27 mins :slight_smile: So, this was probably a weirdness with my Kickr and I’ll recalibrate and and see if things change.

Thanks again.

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  • better material of the “faster” rider?
  • did he came down a descent and you out of a flat area fusing after a fork?
  • so he had more momentum.
  • maybe the rider was heavier and smaller?

This can be caused by a number of factors.

Better in-game equipment being one. For example, I use the Felt IA with 808/Super9 and I pass people doing more watts/wkg all the time.

Another one that was just recently introduced is rolling resistance of tires. Some wheel sets are faster or slower on certain terrain.

And remember, on flat router absolute wattage is king, not wkg.