How does W/Kg compare with speed? Does Zwift take your weight into account when determing your speed?
otherwise someone that’s 70 kg would be traveling much quicker than someone who’s 100kg if there’re both putting out the same W/kg.

Speed within Zwift is determined by your watts, your inputted weight, in-game bike used, in-game drafting (TT bike gets no drafting), in-game virtual elevation changes. So yes, Zwift takes your weight into consideration.

No, this is not true. If a 70Kg and 100Kg both put out 5wkg this would mean following: 70x5=350w, 100Kgx5 = 500w which means on a flat course the 100KG ride will be faster.

PS: Weight is always a factor, on Zwift so as in the real world.

If this is so wouldn’t both riders be traveling at different speeds during group rides when the leader requests a certain W/kg.

The weight difference does not Off set the power difference. A 100KG Rider doing 5w/KG will go faster as a 70Kg Rider doing 5w/Kg on a flat course. As the gradient rises the weight impact gets more significant.

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I do think zwift gives heavier riders a slight speed difference on flat courses. However it might be prettty slight. and in groups if the big guys on the front are pulling at said w/k the pack will travel faster. and the others can draft. at a reasonable w/k. However if they go to the front and try to stay there, they may require more w/k than the ride has asked for.

Obviously …

Cu. PaoloC

I ride often with my wife. I weigh in roughly 70lb heavier than she does but we both do about the same w/kg and I have noticed that when we are on the flats in Zwift and doing the same w/kg we are riding side by side. I’ve long thought this is the most significan’t departure from “reality” that Zwift has in place. I completely understand that she and I should be comparable on the hills as we are in real life but on the flats in real life she can’t come close to staying with me. On Zwift it’s a toss up with me often working hard to stay with her.

Yes,i have noticed that also,lighter riders seems to be moving fast compared to watts.ln rides there are always a 50kg rider doing 90-100avg watts when all the rest is close to 200,thats simply not possible.