Why am I so slow

So me and my wife recently started Zwifting. We each have a Tacx flowsmart trainers and we ride next to each other in the basement. We have calibrated our machines and as far as I can tell everything is set up the same. Question is this, I am constantly riding faster (RPM, W) yet my w/kg struggles to stay on par with her and she will finish a 10 mile ride over 5 minutes ahead of me. I am ~70 lbs heavier and this is reflected in the set up. It just seems I am putting in way more effort for less pay off. And by the way, this has nothing to do with her kicking my butt each ride, I’m just curious on how this works.

Could depend on the terrain (how often you’re going uphill).

When the road is flat, raw power is more important. If you’re doing 250W to her 150W, you’ll be going faster.

As soon as you’re acting against gravity, power to weight becomes more of a differentiator. If she’s doing 3W/kg and you’re doing 2W/kg, chances are she’s faster.

You don’t say how different your power or W/kg values are, or on which course, but I’d expect that to be the difference.