Volume for back ground sounds

(Anthony James (Team Extreme)) #1

i am new and on a MAC and I can’t mite or turn down the volume.
Does anyone know how or have any ideas on how to turn it off?

(Inge Amlien) #2

Hi, to disable all sounds on MAC, you can rename /Library/Application Support/Zwift/assets/Audio/audio.wad to something else.

In terminal:
mv /Library/Application Support/Zwift/assets/Audio/audio.wad /Library/Application Support/Zwift/assets/Audio/audio.wad.orig

(Hugh Sharp LLTC) #3

I like the sound effects but also like to listen to music while riding. Unfortunately the Zwift sound effects relative to Pandora on Safari are too loud. So I’m using Airfoil to hijack and amplify (via Airfoil’s equalizer) the browser signal, thereby placing Zwift’s sound effects in the background.