Virtual Weight Scales

(Jonathan Brostoff) #1

We can measure power, cadence and speed but we can’t figure out a way to measure weight?  

This should be be built in to the smart trainers but at a minimum, Zwift should work with a company to develop an inexpensive add-on device to measure the weight of the rider.  Zwift should use that weight in it’s calculations as opposed to the weight the rider’s enter.

Knowing each rider’s weight, will obviously cut down to weight doping.  Although it really doesn’t “matter”, many of us are competitive and want to ride or race in fair events.  It goes to the integrity of the game.


(Paul Allen) #2

There is no way you can verify peoples weight within Zwift. Are you going to pay for this extra tech? Are you going to have a Zwift rep at everyone’s house to ensure there is no cheating?

There is already threads discussing this.

(Jonathan Brostoff) #3

Of course Zwift can’t verify. What I said was there should be a way to measure weight on the smart trainers or an add on device.