Virtual London Marathon 2020

The VLM has now been cancelled for the non-elites and in its place there will be a ‘virtual’ London Marathon for us to take part in.

I have been thinking about doing a treadmill marathon for a while and think that this would be great if Zwift organised an event alongside this at the same time.

It could be quite an event and I would think a lot of runners would take part/give it a go… or am I the only nutter who would be up for this?

You post this request on the Facebook Zwift Runners Group and I am sure someone will organize an event if enough people request it.

Did a virtual Half Marathon through London on Saturday, think a full would be a mental challenge!! Still tempted though :smiley:

My plan was to run this on a treadmill be awesome if we could get a bunch of people doing this

Have you entered the virtual London Marathon? It’s in the T&C’s that it can’t be done on a treadmill.

My plan was to do this.

I have written them an email to clarify as it is a bit confusing.

If you read the virtual page, the very first thing it says is ‘the 40th marathon YOUR WAY’, well my way is my first tm marathon!

Reading further in the text it says something like ‘run from home, or anywhere you choose’ - I took that to mean you can ‘run from home’ on a treadmill, not start from home, which is different in my opinion.

I saw in the FAQ that it says if you are using your time to put towards the London Classics that you can’t use a tm, but that was the only reference I saw.

Also, in these COVID-19 times, I think a very safe way to run it would be on a treadmill and not to encourage people to get together!

I am waiting for a reply.

I would link to a screenshot of the T&C’s but it’s not letting me.;
2.5 You must not use a treadmill or any other stationary running machine and/or equipment to compete in the event. All participants must complete the event distance outside.

This is from the T&C’s when I registered. They have probably done it so they can make it harder for people to cheat.
You basically have to download an app and use that to track your miles outside.

Thanks for your input here Jessica, but I know, I have seen it.

My point is that if you read the website page without going through the small print, it sounds like it would not be a problem. Not running on a treadmill should be made clearer. They are using the hashtag ‘40th VLM your way’ for a start, so initially that meant to me (and I would assume many other runners) that a treadmill run would be fine. I personally don’t want to run it outside at the moment (I will if I have to) and some people still can’t go outside, so how does that make this ‘all inclusive’ and open to everyone to take part?

I feel that if it is deemed not acceptable then VLM could find themselves with a load of people completing it on a treadmill and then finding out that there efforts count for nothing! If I hadn’t been informed by someone from the running community, I would probably have got on with it totally unaware that it is not allowed.

As I say, I have written to them for clarity and I will keep you informed when/if I get a response.