Virtual L'Étape du Tour [2024]

That’s the way to do it and it is more enjoyable than categories. You settle with riders riding like you.
There aren’t a lot of races like that (we organize one on Sundays, la cyclo by foudre) but I love them.


This is great advice from David. If I’m feeling good when I start I’ll push harder and try to hold onto a faster group to stay in the best position I can. If I’m not feeling so good - or I haven’t warmed up - I’ll start slowly and join a slower group, giving me the fun of chasing people down if I feel good later in the ride.


It really sucks when you find out about the event just in time to miss out on the first set of races by a few hours so there is now no way for me to be able to complete the series.

It’s disappointing there’s been no France expansion since the rushed deployment in 2020. The France world has a lot of potential.

  • connect dirt stubs for some nice “gravel” routes, maybe with some rough cobbles
  • add a longer climb connecting base of Petit GPM to Ventoux climb, near the train.
  • add route out to Mont Saint-Michel
  • optionally add climb from Sault to the junction @ Chalet Reynard, perhaps bending it somewhat to reduce the distance to the base of the climb
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Heads up, the March round starts tomorrow on 25th!

So many routes on Zwift these days and yet the prologue for this month is a repeat of what has been this week’s Big Spin short route…

Greater London Flat.

How utterly unimaginative.

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It should be something lengthy like for instance ride through the desert, go up through Epic KOM then loop back through the underwater tunnels to the desert. That would be more appropriate of “L’Etape du Tour”.

Thats not a hugely difficult route but enough that it’s bit of work to complete.

February events were set up as Races but March ones appear to be Rides? Is there a reason for that?

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Yes this seems to be a pretty big mistake, can someone from zwift please check and comment?

Loved the opportunity to race against a huge field in these last month. Hope that it’s a mistake and they’ll be re-classified as races?

Looks like Zwift have changed their minds again re making the event a race ! No mention on whether ZP GC for the event will be maintained through the four months but no update for March yet.

Disappointing to once again start something and not to be able to complete the race [no longer a race, but with Race Results ?] GC series.

Updated information on ZwiftInsider:
UPDATE March 26, 2024: in March, Zwift reconfigured these events to be rides with a results screen at the end, instead of standard races. They’ve told us this change was made to make the L’Etape du Tour events feel more like sportives than races.

Looking at the sign up numbers for this weeks events looks like Zwift really misread the room on this one - they are way down on the first month. That’s a shame, I enjoyed the big events in February and was looking forward to the rest of the series.

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Update: looks like the 4 month GC has just been updated to include March prologue ride/race times.

However looks like March prologue time is replacing February prologue time so for me, and all others, two races shown (main event, from Feb, and prologue, from March) but no longer includes February Prologue.

I’m sure Zwift will correct soon. @manda_F ?

The change makes me wonder if coffee stop and late join will be enabled now. If they’re not then the events will still be pretty good treated as races. It’s unfortunate that they have repeatedly changed or overlapped major event series lately. Would be better to just let it be what it is and change it next time.

What the. Why have a GC on Zwiftpower if it’s meant to be a sportive? Why announce one thing then silently change it? Is Zwift paying attention to itself?

If I’m interpreting the tags on zwift hacks correctly it’s no late join but coffee stop will be enabled.

To win the grand price you have to enter all the races in the first 3 months.
How can I register for the draw? I found an address to send a letter but is it possible to register via email?