Virtual Fixie Events

Since using Zwift with my geared road bike and Tacx Neo, I’ve become a bit addicted to cycling, and have just ordered myself a fixie bike with a flip/flop hub in the rear wheel.

This got my thinking that I could use Zwift on a gear ratio setup as close as possible to my fixie bike to train for hills without changing gear, so I that I could prepare myself for the real world fixie bike use where there are hills ?

It then got my thinking. Of course we need honest participants for this (no gear or weight doping cheats). I thought it would be a fun idea to have organized events where people agree on a fixed gear ratio to use, and stick with that during the entire duration of the ride/race.

What doe others think ?

Is there space/demand for a Zwift virtual fixie group :slight_smile: ?

i need a chai latte and a ironic beard first.

Several issues work against fixed-gear training in Zwift. I’ve tried mine with a Computrainer. One is that the resistance doesn’t dial back like on the road, so the benefits of resisting into the downhills aren’t there. Zwift shows downhill speeds too high for a fixed, so there’s a disconnect. Finally the default grade on the trainer is half the real world, so your trainer may live to see another day. That aspect on my road bike means unrealistic (for me) big-ring climbing at 7%; but on my fixed I spin right out. Because of the first two points, it doesn’t pay for me to dial the trainer up to 100%. Particularly the lack of true resistance as provided by real roads.