Video playback


Is it possible to have video playback at the end of a race? Or of the whole race?

Most of a race is spent watching others and noting who is around you etc, but when it comes to the end of the race (for me) my head is down and i’m sprinting away and so miss what happens to others so would be fun to watch the sprint back after?

I know i can look at the results and at zwiftpower, but it might be quite motivating to watch me sprint away from someone :slight_smile:


I use OBS Studio to stream to Twitch. You can easily set this up and watch after your race if you want to do so.

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Or you can use OBS to just record your race.


Thanks for your suggestions, I never considered screen recording, think I’ll give this a go!

It would be cool if it was built into Zwift though so you can view different camera angles etc.

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