(james Schofield) #1

this surely must be a feature request. must alse be far easier for the cg guys to create than kilometres of 3d world!



(Sean Madill) #2

bkool has  velodrome practice.  The rest of the program is no where close to Zwift however.

(Bart Petroons | BZR | (C)) #3

how many riders on one velodrome? :slight_smile:

(james Schofield) #4

Software would only show a certain amount of riders. You could sign up to it in advance

(Allan Rutland - TT1 (KMB)) #5

Would be nice as a turn off from Wattopia into a Velodrome. Can just ride off normal route and enjoy the drome for a while or exit if not. Least this way it would give the option for those who want to use it also.

(Mark Douglass) #6

Even just yourself riding pacing for ftp etc.

(Mark Douglass) #7

Could go the same way as online gaming where you create an avert private or public and people can join. The idea of going round a velodrome with hundreds of people woukd be nonsense in my opinion.