Velodrome World

I think it would be cool to have velodrome world, and what would be cool about it (so it wouldn’t be too crowded!) would be that there’s multiple velodromes like for example: a basic stadium velodrome, high school and collage velodromes, underwater glass-roofed tunnel velodrome, a graveldrome (a dirt track), a neon-lighted velodrome (and track lanes/numbers could be lit up too), indoor velodromes for high school and college could have a 2nd floor that you ride a steep but short climb on stairs to (sort of like the Thames in London), a sandrome (especially with the new sand surface coming out with the Urukazi update, maybe on a coastline!), and maybe other ones that you guys come up with. There should also be tracks included for those runners out there too alongside each. I think this would be really cool! I think this would be something to consider! Note: Maybe distance-wise for each could be around 250-400m, whichever you choose, I would prefer 400 because 1. For it to not be as fast/lap or to get sick of that short and 2. Because that distance would match up with the running tracks so they could be alongside them so it would make a 3.5 mile world + if you want long transitions between them to make it not super short of a world like maybe 7-10 miles.

Vote for the feature on this thread. It doesn’t sound like there is a plan to implement it, however.

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