UX: Tour of Watopia Event Selection

In game, at the event selection menu, i think the information for route selection could be improved.

Top level choosing the ToW stage 5 event, for example, is easy. But then without prior knowledge of the route for cat A,B or C etc, there are several additional steps required to find out what you are choosing.

The route description “Tour of Watopia 2023 | Stage 5 | Long…” doesn’t mention the route. Selecting the route provides no extra info, just an option to start it

To get route specific, you have to scroll to the bottom…Click the drop down on Event Description…scroll past standard lengthy generic event description…to find a very brief summary listing of Long, Standard, Short, Women Only.

I think the information is too burried, and is too lacking… especially when you haven’t given yourself enough time to get to the gate.