Use target cadence in ERG Mode

If there is a jump from 150W/70RPM to 350W/100RPM within a workout, it is extremely critical to avoid a dropping cadence at the moment of the jump.
If the cadence drops from 70 to 68RPM while the target power jumps up to 350W, my trainer extremely increases the resistance to enable 350W at such a low RPM -> further lowering my RPM of course. It’s not unusual to require like 600W to kick through this virtual barrier again with a ■■■■ of a force -> no smooth transition possible.
Increasing the RPM right before the interval switch of course avoids this problem, but requires 100% concentration on the workout.

Feature request:
During the first seconds of an interval switch, ERG should select the trainer resistance according to the target cadence instead of the real cadence to enable a smooth transition.

Just start speeding up up your cadence a few seconds before the new interval starts. Works for me.

PS. I do a lot of workouts, but never had a switch from 150W to 350W!

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