Use AI on Zwift

I have a thinking job some with AI and Big Data. Why not make your training plans more active I sometimes think that a training schedule becomes quite static with regard to FTP you start a 12v training with ftp 200 and then it is the same all the time in the end. you would not be able to incorporate AI to make the system more adaptive if you, for example, after 3 weeks have gotten in better shape, why not with the help of watt zones and the heart zone adaptively increase ftp and then make the training plan more active.

I now run an FTP training plan and have manually raised FTP 2 times due to. feel that the training does not give me that much effort but today the system itself should be able to do it. Because if you run a vo max workout and you do not top more than 160 bpm and you max out 180 bpm then the training is obviously too easy.