USB-C Monitors anyone? (With new M1/2 macs)

Looking at winter and how I can improve my Zwift game as I’m currently running it on a gen2 iPad Pro 12.9” which always needs to be plugged in, due to battery and I’m jealous of all the ultra graphics everyone is having these days

So I was thinking, I currently have my 12.9” iPad in the tablet holder on my smart bike, why not run one of these USB-C monitors in the holder but have it fed by a Mac mini to get the better FPS / Graphics etc.

Anyone done this? Are these usb monitors capable of running 60fps?

If your set up allows it and you have the space i’d recommend getting a standard monitor (or TV) as you will get something much larger for the same price and make the zwift experience much better (in my opinion!)

Ideally that would be better. But don’t have the space / room layout for that. Plus my idea is to have the Mac mini in between my bike and treadmill and I can (baring a long enough USBC cable) just move the screen.

Searching Amazon for “portable gaming monitor” turns up quite a few options at 1080p and 1440p, 120-144Hz. Frame rate should not be a problem.

Your mac mini will not get the Ultra graphics profile, but it will be a big improvement at Medium or High profile, better resolution, and decent frame rate (assuming not Intel CPU).

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Yeah. It would be a new M2 Mini or something similar.

60fps / High profile I suppose would be much better. With the rider shadows and better textures.

almost every panel is 60hz minimum including USB C portable monitors (you can also get higher refresh rates if you pay for it) so the monitor itself will not cause any issues there. the hardware, maybe, i don’t know. but i should think if it can run zwift at 60fps already then a second monitor won’t put a noticeable dent in it.

may also be worth double checking if a higher refresh rate will actually benefit you on apple hardware. some (maybe all, not too familiar with apple myself but it’s true for my ancient ipad) are restricted to 60hz

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From my understanding all iOS / AppleTV Zwift apps are capped at 30fps even if the hardware can in theory go higher.

My wife wants a new laptop soon, so might get a usbc screen myself and see how it works with her laptop as it will be M2 vs M2 so should be similar performance before I splash the cash on a Mini.