Urukazi map drawn incorrectly on Activity web page [November 2022]

I just finished the “Group Ride: Neokyo All Nighter | Stage 4 | Tour of Makuri Islands” and the map drawn on my activity from my feed was done incorrectly - wrong location. Here’s what it looks like:

yeah, there is a bug, they are aware of it so should be on the case to fixing it (maybe!)


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Thanks, the web team’s been working on that and the fix will be pushed in their next web update.

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Does anybody have similar issue in My Feed? There is no island or other background on the map for the Urukazi (Windows/Chrome browser - same in normal or anonymous window, refreshed page multiple times):

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There actually IS an island (lower right corner). The issue is that the route map is not correctly overlaid on the island background.

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yeah, same

@Matjaz_Pintar and @Chris_Holton
Thanks for flagging. That’s an open ticket that our web team will fix soon.

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Merged the original reports into this newer thread. Sorry for borking the sequence of reports.

As noted upstream - the web team has fixed this and they’ll push it live in the next web release.