Bad/Wrong image of Makuri Islands map on


there are two issues when viewing a Makuri Islands activity on your website:

  • The image is rotated by 90 degrees. The activity currently rides through the water. The newer maps don’t have the north at the top of the image but on the right-hand side, so I think you accidentally rotated things wrong when updating the image.
  • The image quality of the map does not seem right. I use the image for ZwiftMap and I think you accidentally used the wrong settings for the export. When zooming into the image, you see many small dots and no smooth lines. The old map didn’t have any of that but the lines were smoothish and slightly blurry instead of having dots. I ran against the same issue when I played around with the pictures and used the wrong parameters.

If I remember correctly, there were no issues when I looked at the image 24 hours ago.


The rotation seems to be fixed when viewing activities on zwiftcom. The quality is still quite bad though :frowning:.