Upload pictures to Strava

(David Leibowitz) #1

I took a few pics on my ride today, but they didn’t appear on Strava. How do I get them to appear on my Strava ride? Thanks.


(Cory Tomlinson) #2

You can’t upload photos directly to Strava. Strava syncs with Instagram. Connect your Strava account to Instagram on the Strava website. Upload to Instagram during your ride, and Strava will automatically sync the photos.

(Craig Howard WBR B) #3

To add, you also must take the pics within the ride duration and I think there is also a 30 minute window either side.

(Jon Moore) #4

You need to make sure you share the pic for Strava to have the authorisation to sync. Just email it to yourself (you don’t actually need to hit send, creating the email is enough).

(Phil Lam - ODZ (C)) #5

Would be great if the picture that gets uploaded has all the data displays included (or have a user-setting that lets you decide if you want the data displayed or not). Right now, the photo that gets uploaded doesn’t include them.

(Mike O'Donovan) #6

Agree with Phil. Not sure why the pics that get uploaded to Strava don’t include the data displays when they are present on Instagram. Odd.