Instagram auto sync

I would really like to see a function where you can automatically upload screen shots to instagram before posting to strava. Those of us who have their Zwift amd Strava synced… and Strava and Instagram synced… have to go in and delete out a ride from strava, then upload to instagram then re upload to strava.

Being able to select screen shoots from a ride at the end of the ride screen would be great. Auto upload to instagram and then auto sync to strava.

Just a thought. Thanks for listening.

You don’t need to do all that Jeff. Auto sync to Strava as normal and then post your Instagram photos within 30 mins of the end of your ride. Click on the spanner on Strava and Sync Photos

I’d like to have the screenshots saved to my iPhone to remove the email to myself step, but you’d still want to edit them before posting to Instagram?