UPG result on my 2nd Event on Haut Route Watopia 2021

I completed the 2nd Event of the Haut Route Watopia 2021 on 27th Feb on the 16:00 race. I entered this 2nd stage as a Category C, having previously completed the 1st Stage event in Category B.
My ave w/kg & FTP would suggest I should be in the B Category and the selection of Cat C for Stage 2 was a genuine error when I selected the particular race times for each of the 3 stages. I do intend to complete the 3rd & final stage of the Haut Route Event but How do I now get the my results for the event I completed in yesterday changed from category C to B in order for my efforts to be counted and more importantly to still be with a chance to earn the coveted Haut Route badge on Zwift for completing all 3 stages! :slightly_smiling_face:
Note this was only my 2nd “race” event on Zwift

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