(Test Runner) #1

(Mark Hudson) #2

can you elaborate on this a bit. I am trying to understand how to upload my zwift rides to strava and of course see what you are talking about here. I cant even find how to see my rides after I close zwift?

(Steve Paltzer) #3

Zwift has a Club in Strava you can join!

If you like Strava, then you will enjoy VeloViewer too.

(Mark Hudson) #4

Ok got it uploaded but where is the mobile app…I searched the App Store and find nothing under zwift mobile?

(Steve Paltzer) #5

Mobile App testers were invitation only, and were sent an email with a link to the App store.

(Steve Paltzer) #6

You should be able to copy and past this path into Windows Explorer address line and hit Enter: