Zwift up load to strava

(Steven Oleson ( OCO)) #1

hi , 

Back indoors… Wahoo, Strava, Zwift. (blue tooth)  All members can see each other. All Sync. Great to ride again

When done Zwifting will not up load to strava. At the end of the session

it even says save & up load to Strava. No results in Strava. Should remove 

the Strava app and Zwift app from phone and reboot? Ideas…



Thank you , Steven Oleson 

(Christopher Young) #2

same with me

(Steven Oleson ( OCO)) #3

I’m thinking just run Wahoo at the same time as Zwift then
Up load to Strava . Has to be on Zwift s end . Until fixed . Or ideas come back from the query.
Steven Oleson

(Steven Oleson ( OCO)) #4

Chris … try riding at least 5 miles … takes a bit for all devices to recognize for what ever reason … I re booted Strava
App also … success … when done exit and save will appear , and a wheel dinning showing up load …
Good luck
Steven O.