Update: Meet ups in Paris?

The update announced meet-ups in France. What news? The latest versions states that the iOS app = 3.16 and the update suggests 3.17. When can we all meet again in France?

Many thanks in advance.

No app, no party.

Hopefully drops later

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The update is available for me, you might want to check again since it just got released.


Here on Android too. Not showing up in my apps as being out of date yet but if I go to the app manually it’s there to update.

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iOS here. Companion updated to 3.17. France and Paris still not available for creating Meetups. Anyone else with same problem?


same boat, just updated and no France option for worlds on the create meetup page. I tried going out to the farthest date too, August 17th, and still no France option.

Same here on Android. Companion 3.17. Can’t see France or Paris for creating a Meetup.


I can’t see a Race Results option for Meetups in 3.17 either. Wasn’t this supposed to be something you could turn on or off?

Available now for me too but none of the new features are present… I think they uploaded 3.16 again!

Both android and iOS updated to 3.17 and France is not listed in the meetup worlds list for me to :upside_down_face:

Read this:


I can see France and Paris options now in 3.17.

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