UO definition - Training plans

Can any one tell me what UO means in the training plans as shown here:

It appears on sets in the training plans.

Thank you

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Under/overs I think. Under FTP for a period and then over ftp for a period repeated.

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I’m not sure what the letters actually stand for, but it’s not over/unders. From the sessions I’ve done it’s the same power output maintained for the total segment duration but there will be prompts or instructions on what cadence to aim for each minute.
I did red unicorn just the other day :slight_smile:

UO stands for under/overs and OU stands for Over/unders. The companion app does not show both power levels in the workout description but during a workout there will often be 2 power levels with the occasional one power level setting for some reason, depending on the workout. For example my workout yesterday had one section described as an UO 6x20s 305W but it was actually 3 minutes of 195W + 20s of 305W.

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