Unlocking bonuses

Now not wanting to sound all teenage Fortnite here but how do you unlock your bonuses which you obtain such as running shirt,shorts…etc

I see plenty of other runners in non orange tops…etc and have merited different coloured shirts and shorts and wanted to know how to unlock them in the running world ?

Try this. Is uses words better than I can…

Running Levels

Thanks Chris

How do you actually use the bonuses though
I see lots of runners in different shirts and shorts…etc

This is how you access the Zwift Garage and customize your avatar: https://zwift.com/video/how-to-cycling/personalize-avatar-cycling

It’s basically the same for running.

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Do you need to have full membership to do this though.I only have the basic Zwift account which you sign up for free

A paid membership IS NOT required for unlocking items for running.

So i hit my I-Pad whilst running and only get the toolbar at the bottom but can’t see any garage icon,sorry if im being bloody stupid here but im only two weeks into Zwift and everythings still pretty new (apart from my legs which are not quite as new :wink:

Once you log into Zwift and are placed within a world (does not matter which) tap the screen and you will see a Menu button on the bottom left, click on it and then within that screen click on the little Garage symbol on the right hand side (second from the bottom).

You’re a star thanks Paul,all sorted

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