Unable to save changes to profile

I’m training for an event and want to keep Zwift in-line with my real weight but have noticed that I’m unable to save revisions to some of my profile items, notably weight.

Any chance of a quick fix?

Im having the exact same issue and have for a while… it has me as female , but male in program… I put a ticket in about a month ago about this and thought it was the save button not being totally clickable to save… thats not the problem… its just not saving!

Seem to have found a way by adjusting it from within the app, not the website. Not sure if this will help you?


I know Im male in the app, but somehow female on the site… seems the site data over rides the app data though… cant see anywhere in app to adjust weight though?

Same problem here, on the account I set up yesterday. Strange. This shouldn’t be rocket science. 

Same issue. Save button is disabled in the ‘General’ tab of profile

Looks like there is an issue with the save button on the website. I just made a change on the iPhone app and it did update the website so that is a work around for now.