UI update, club features

I remember in 2019 Thanks giving ride, that Eric Min mentioned upcoming UI update, we are now in 2021 and i havent noticed anything changes in UI. Is that UI update now in what point, or wiped under carpet? Also, how about this club feature in zwift, we are still waiting that one too, but nothing has happened?
Do zwift have anykind of roadmap what will happen and when?

There are no answers to any of those questions I am afraid .

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The official response from Zwift was: we were developing a new UI, however, due to Covid and the increased amount of users we “outgrew” that sweater we had been knitting. In other words they shelved it and made no comment of any other changes.


The impression that I got was that they weren’t working on a new UI as such.

They were working on some tweaks and a bit of a refresh to make it easier to use on AppleTV. But when Eric (IIRC) talked about it in a Minterview/Zwiftcast things got misinterpreted.

Rather than immediately stepping in and saying “no, this isn’t what’s happening”, Zwift let the “new UI hype train” gather more and more speed. Eventually some “dialling back of expectations” was communicated, and then the complete shelving of what was in progress (as far as I can tell).

It was dressed up as “we outgrew it”, but I don’t think they’d been knitting a new sweater in the first place, just putting leather elbow patches on the old one. Then they realised everyone thought we were getting a new Gabba rain jacket and would be very sad to get a patched sweater.

Or something. :smiley:


:rofl: :rofl:

Pretty great analogy @Daren

Ah, good old days, when they have let Eric Min to speak freely in podcasts. Really entertaining times. like a Sci-Fi convention, or a cosplay event. You know it’s not real, but so cool to think about what you’ve just heard :smiley:


And it’s a real mystery why anyone would believe a complete UI refresh would be needed in the first place. I mean - it’s pretty clean and self-evident as it is, right?



Come on guys, it’s gonna happen … Zoon…


doesn’t “increased amount of users” equate to more income to make UI and other improvements that have been “forgotten” for years ?

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Logic has no place in the Zwiftiverse :rofl:

My guess:
They are already working on a Zwift 2.0 with a better graphics engine (like Unity or sth.) and therefore have stopped working on the UI update for Zwift 1.0.

Zwift 2.0 will come zoon, like 2026.

Wishful thinking … no such announcement of investment has been published to support this idea.
However what has been and in the public domain is the Investment that zwift did receive (Last year) AND what they are spending it on . I will leave you to do the research but as a hint , it isnt in the zwift platform .

reminds me of bbc iplayer app, rebranded bbc sounds… which was upgraded, and will not now work on older OS or ipad hardware !

This is funny in that COVID did nothing more than open the floodgates to their monthly revenue stream, which is well in excess of the salary ranges for valuable additions to their developer ranks.