UCI esports worlds 2024–26 not on Zwift


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I’d never heard of MyWoosh until now.

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Money talks

Sad to read that but maybe it is a good thing as it will give time and focus to Zwift to implement new race formats right within the app. Like points races, elimination races, team points races, successive races with no skipping (e.g. ZI Tiny Races), … that will further improve the experience and make sure to be back in the follow-on 3 years.


Sport-washing at its finest!


It’s quite entertaining to see how FAST indieVelo implemented points races, team points races, live/updating points/team leaderboards, elimination races, velodrome races, and in-game dual recording while Zwift just keeps kicking all those cans down the road year after year after year.


Interesting development, and 3 years seems like a long time for this sort of event/platform tie-in given the relative infancy. But aside from the “hopefully this spurs Zwift to improve” comments and people complaining about bribes or the newly-coined “sports washing” term, how many people actually care? The official Zwift YouTube video got all of 91K views (down from 143K in 2022). The GCN highlight video pulled in a staggering 21K.

Given the critical mass Zwift has I don’t see this (or anything else, really) pulling many people away. Hopefully Zwift has all sorts of amazing new features and improvements 3 years from now, but even if it doesn’t I think it’ll still be the dominant platform with nothing else remotely close. I’m going to have fire socks by then, not like I can just walk away from that.



Sports washing is neither a new phrase or a new concept, phrase dates back 8 years and as a concept decades.


New enough. If it weren’t for all the people whining about my whoosh and “sports washing” who would even know where their funding came from? (rhetorical question, the answer is nobody) And if no one knows where the money is coming from it’s not doing much to improve anyone’s reputation.

That’s very insulting that you choose to say people are whining when raising legitimate concerns over the practices of others.

And they have made no secret of where the funding has come from. It’s in the UCI release so you are wrong with your rhetorical question.

I accept that there are opposing views to most things but when people’s views are dismissed in the manner you have it doesn’t sit well for an objective view.


How many people read the release? I certainly didn’t. Edit: just read it. A road race in UAE sounds absolutely miserable.

Waiting for everyone to complain about Tadej and how he needs to go to a different team.

Why are you waiting, people have been complaining about teams being used for sport washing for quite a while - Israel, UAE, Bahrain, etc


It’s not the riders’ fault that there are so many dirty sponsors in pro cycling (petrochemical industry, repressive dictatorships that torture people, etc) so even though Pogačar could have his pick of teams, he can’t fix the pro cycling economy.

Because I’m not complaining about it. I like Tadej and his team’s sponsorship doesn’t change that. It also has literally zero impact on my perception of UAE.

You’re my hero. How did you become so wise?

One issue I’m hearing about is that the guys behind ZADA who started IndieVelo just signed a deal with Zwift, and I think it’s exclusive. So who is MyWhoosh using to verify the riders performance, and are they credible? The UCI cares about that right?? Maybe not…

Simple enough really. Make everyone to go to the venue and use a smart bike or trainer provided by the event. Problem solved.