UCI esports worlds 2024–26 not on Zwift

Without Googling name the winner of this year’s E-sports World Championship.

Bonus points if you can name the men’s and women’s winners.


that’s the simple part but you have to have national qualifiers etc and some kind of vetting process before you decide to fly out a bunch of people to your venue for a live performance unless you want a potential PR disaster, so it becomes very difficult and expensive very quickly

Where did you see it’s exclusive? I struggle to believe that’s the case, as they certainly will be doing IndieVelo itself where the data capture mechanisms are in place within the software itself, and the general philosophy is that the entire mechanics package could be used as the foundations for another platform to come and add their graphics on top.


I thought i heard Nathan say that on The Wrap podcast this week, but I cant confirm it.

2023 Adegest (Scotland)
2022 Adegest (New York)
2021 Mooman Pasio (Watopia)
First one- year and winner? 2017 Lindsay Guerra.(Richmond)
Thinking 2018 was L. Brewer (I don’t remember her first name)
2019 A. Nohlis (I looked at my notes for this one)
2020 I don’t think there was a championship day that year. (Stephens won the TdF)
2018 and 2019 also had Time Trial Champions.
Ha. Not bad, eh?


I guess the biggest issue this might be for zwift is that MyWoosh is free. so if people aren’t on a platform yet then the more publicity they get the more likely people are to try the free thing first.

but i don’t really see many people watching UCI esports or even knowing it is a thing that aren’t already aware of zwift and probably using it.

Why anyone would want to watch someone sat on a turbo trainer sweating buckets is beyond me!


Biggest issue for me is MyWhoosh doesn’t work. Downloaded to try and one of the poorest pieces of software I’ve used in a while. Initial interface was poor to understand and negotiate, and when I finally started I ride (after it hanging serveral times), all the other riders disappeared, and I did a U turn and didn’t go anywhere when peddling. Tried again and same thing so pretty poor experience.

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Tried mywoosh before I ended up with zwift… Found out quickly you get what you pay for

Just because you have deep pockets doesn’t mean you have a good product

Competition fuels innovation.
With MyWhoosh now being the organizer of the UCI Cycling Esports World Championship for the next three years, it’s clear that MyWhoosh won’t simply fade away in the upcoming three years. Let’s observe how this new competition will impact the development of the Zwift experience world.


That’s quite a leap of faith.

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I also tried MyWhoosh and I didn’t care for it - it was a wasteland and the graphics were not appealing, but it does seem like they have made improvements since then and acquired more users. In terms of development there is a benefit to starting later after their established competitor has solved a lot of problems but ended up carrying a heavy burden of a proprietary game engine. It looks like MyWhoosh adopted Unreal Engine. Looking at one of MyWhoosh’s official event streams, the graphics look like they’ve improved but the performance is pretty jerky with riders in the group popping around. It would be dangerous to ignore this competitive threat, or to assume that they won’t solve the problems with their software, or cut into Zwift’s lead in the market. Personally I really like riding with the market leader primarily due to the number of people on the platform. The price isn’t a factor in my choice.

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Saw an article stating that the UCI decided to make a 3 year contract with a competitor known as M*Wo**h (not sure if it can be said here). Can be a downside for Zwift or a great chance for improvement. How’re your thoughts about this?

Personally, I’m interested in how they want to minimize manipulation in order to get an unfair advantage.

It is clear that seeing this MyWhoosh may harm Zwift. Financially it’s not at all the same the budget is not limited in the Emirates so it may accelerate the development of this software unlike Zwift which pays attention to its budget at the moment :dollar:, and this is reflected in the application :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

Have any of you tried ? It seems that it’s not bad at all… well then some people will say it’s like an RGT bis, it sucks, I stay on Zwift blah blah blah…

Indeed, but it is also an opportunity to see something else and to see what is done elsewhere with its pluses and minuses and, once again, it’s free…

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Interesting … update to MyWhoosh race rules.


We’re excited to announce that the Esports Cycling Ruleset V2.0.0 is effective starting today. This update is geared towards improving verification processes, enhancing the racing experience, and aligning with our partnership with UCI. A summary of key changes:

  • Power Passport Test: The Power Passport test is a mandatory 1-hour assessment that all racers must complete, film, and submit in the pre-verification form. Our team will notify existing riders when this test is required. However, all new users must complete, film, and submit this test via the pre-verification form before joining a Sunday Race Club event.
    NOTE: You must complete the entire power passport test without skipping any intervals for a valid submission.

  • Streamlined Weigh-in Process: We’ve synchronized monthly weigh-ins with the Sunday Race Club finals, scheduled for the last Sunday of each month. Racers not participating in the final will have their weight calculated based on either their weight for the Power Passport Test or their last race weight plus 2kg. This equitable approach discourages unhealthy weight-loss practices and ensures a level playing field.

  • Approved Hardware: Starting January 1, 2024, only specific smart trainers/bikes will be allowed at Sunday Race Club events. Effective today, chest-type heart rate monitors are now mandatory, while optic sensors are no longer permitted.

  • Precision Scales Standardization: All scales used must be digital, with a precision of 0.1kg. Furthermore, videos must include a known weight of 10kg or more, like a gym weight or dumbbell.

  • Validating Cycling Identity: Riders may be asked to verify their cycling history through platforms such as Strava and TrainingPeaks, along with real-world race results. These records should align with their MyWhoosh performances.

  • Fostering Community Rides: Starting from the November Sunday Race Club series, teams and their riders must host a minimum of one weekly social ride on MyWhoosh to qualify for the team prize money. This initiative aims to strengthen the MyWhoosh Community.


That’s all very… serious

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Thanks for posting.
The approved [primary] hardware list on page 11 is particularly interesting:

“From January 1, 2024, only the following Smart Trainer/Bikes will be approved for MyWhoosh Esports Events:
• Tacx Neo – any version
• Wahoo Kickr – V5, V6
• Elite Justo
• Wahoo Kickr Bike – V1, V2
• Tacx Neo Bike”

That’s a very small range, but definitely a good move if they want results to be credible.

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Narrowing it to one device is what you need at the UCI level that’s why when it was on zwift everyone was shipped a trainer for the finals.

I suspect Sunday Race Clubs events if they have monitory prizes there could be all sorts going on.

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it’d be interesting to see what proportion of zwift’s base that list would cover.

Probably quite a lot of it i’d guess.

The rules are pretty close to the the existing rules for racing Zwift Grand Prix or World champs qualifier last year, so most really good riders would have zero problems with the requirements. The only big difference is the weight verification which are max 2 hours before events on Zwift, and the requirement to host and ride social rides. Which is just an attempt to try and force more people to change as most racers i know that have raced on Mywhoosh only doing the sunday race and thats it. For the trainers i think the only difference is the latest Wattbike also being allowed on Zwift, otherwise its the same

This “forced growth” is one of the reasons MyWhoosh will have been willing to outbid Zwift.

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