MyWhoosh Selected for UCI Cycling Esports World Championship for 2024-2026

you’re a bit late to the game on this one

Yeah, but he wants to emphasise his point about Zwift being “left behind”. Seems there’s no end of folk who want to come onto this forum and preach a THE END IS NIGH! message :rofl:

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What is MyWhoosh and yes before anyone explains what it is i know exactly what it is. I have ridden there but honestly, its years behind Zwift. The Pairing interface is pretty much copy cat of zwift. The inworld Avatars just look like a joke. i can’t say it anyway else. So there is a lot of improvement needed.

Yes, there are many years of delay after that is normal, I would say… The first race on zwift appeared in 2015. Mywhoosh in 2019. What I see is how fast Mywhoosh is growing. . I would have liked to try but I’m on IMAC we don’t have anything at the moment but it should happen soon…logically before 2024.

I’m not sure what you’ve tried, but the on the later version the graphics including the avatars are miles ahead of zwift.

Functionality is definitely lacking though.

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If MyWhoosh utilised the idieVelo engine … now that would be interesting! I think they both use Unity so maybe not that far fetched.