Tutorial initiation


My smart bike is due to arrive today. Before it has come i have already downloaded and created accounts on Zwift and the companion app. I then have logged in the sort payment methods out, create my avatar and any settings I can play with. Obviously without he bike i am yet to connect/pair with anything so i skipped that part. Then i couldnt help actually logging into a ride (in the full knowledge that i could not move anywhere) just to orientate myself with the ride screen and the game in general.

So this is my question. Have i ruined it by bypassing the Zwift tutorial ride as seen if you google Shame Miller’s - How to start riding on Zwift.
Or will this ride automatically kick in once i connect/pair to my smart bike.

And if it does not automatically start my tutorial, like in the video i posted above, then how do i manually initiate the tutorial?

I hope this makes sense and has not repeated a question made previously on the forums.

Thanks in advance



No you haven’t ruined it. It will start again until you ride through the entire route, I think it is the watopia flat route.