Turf n Surf - Kudos to the designers

Wow. I just rode Turf n Surf in Urukazi for the first time.

The designers seem to have excelled themselves here, and I wanted to pass on my thanks. Spectacular scenery and an interesting course with some varied terrain.

Well done Zwift, and thank you.

It was part of last weekend’s Tiny Races quartet and the start in Neokyo completely threw me, wondered why I had a steam roller power up and wasted in… Then we went through a tunnel into dirt and then I was chasing a steam roller break for the line for my life! :rofl:

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for some reason Urukazi reminds me of the original far cry game

my only beef is that there isn’t really any turf - surf and city is a better name for it

Here’s some turf.

Welcome to my bandwagon :smile:

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Agree btw, looks great. :+1: Feels like you’d want a Watopia expansion to be.