Turbo recommendations?

Hi everyone,

First post here! I am looking for some recommendations for a turbo trainer that doesn’t have a really high level of resistance (probably the opposite of what most people are asking!) I’m quite small and light so don’t really produce a high level of watts so want a turbo that isn’t too hard to pedal really! I know from the power curves that some trainers produce high watts at relatively low speeds so I want to make sure that I don’t get something that leaves me stuck always in the lowest gears! 

Preferably something that is quiet as I live in a flat and don’t want to seriously annoy the neighbours! I have a speed and cadence sensor already so can link it up to Zwift if it’s not a smart trainer.


Thanks :slight_smile:

Watts will depend on gear selection and cadence. All trainers will have more resistance when you increase the watts.

Here is a good place to start researching the trainer you are looking for: https://www.dcrainmaker.com/2016/10/annual-winter-2016-2017-bike-smart-trainer-recommendations.html


I would seriously consider the Kinetic Road Machine fluid trainer if you want something quiet. Resistance increases with your effort. It is not a smart/controllable trainer, but it is very smooth and quiet and has the most accurate estimated power curve of all the classic trainers - so you could just use your existing speed/cadence sensor like you said, or add the InRide power pod (still estimated power, but very accurate and puts out a Bluetooth signal so you can hook it up to an iPad or iPhone really easily).

It has a good 6.25 lb fly wheel, which makes pedaling feel more natural and not a constant grind, and an additional 12 lbs Pro flywheel can be added making a total of 18.25 lbs - which is more than the Wahoo Kickr.