TrueDraft - thumbs up!

(Erik Borgnes ) #1

I’ve been on Zwift since April and I’ve participated in a number of races and group rides. I suspect that like most others, a “goal” of staying with a group of riders is motivating to ride longer and more often. Sometimes I feel like working hard, but other times, I simply want to spin for an hour or so in a group but at lower effort.

As I have heard, the initial drafting algorithm was less than realistic to give Zwifters more of a workout. I agree with others in that made it too difficult because every race was essentially a time trial and there was no real need to group up with other riders.

Yesterday, I did the EVR Americas Weekend race, and I’m certain that the TrueDraft was in effect because I found it possible to hang with the lead group off the start line and I watched as several early attacks floundered. I found that sitting in the pack as a slacker wasn’t too difficult either - just like in real life. It was also immediately obvious to me that the racing strategy had changed completely because the stronger riders couldn’t simply ride off the front anytime they wanted to. If I had wanted to get more of a workout.

After I got dropped on the first climb, the second benefit of TrueDraft was realized because over the next few miles, it became obvious to me, and to others who had also been dropped, that since the draft effect was so strong and realistic (even with 1 or 2 other riders), it made strategic sense to look around and group up with other solo riders. This created a sense of teamwork with other riders that I hadn’t seen with the low draft algorithm, and I found it much more enjoyable.

I can time trial any time I like on Zwift, but the TrueDraft really makes the racing and group rides something completely different - strategic and actually enjoyable.

(Erik Borgnes ) #2

I know that Zwift is in the midst of evaluating the DoubleDraft/TrueDraft right now. But, is there any plan to have rides and races post which one they plan to use?

If I knew which draft was being used ahead of time, it would definitely help me decide which race / group ride to enter when there are several events going on at or around the same time. (sometimes I’m more interested in hanging out in the pack at mild to moderate effort punctuated with short high efforts, whereas other times, I’m fine with being at near time trial effort for the whole event).

(Gleb Chugin @ietottoje) #3

there is, it is called “zwiftpower”. And if you want to race seriously in Zwift and don’t care about cheaters — that’s the best way

(Erik Borgnes ) #4

I’m on ZPower but I had not noticed the truck icon before you pointed it out. Thanks!

(Jon Edwards) #5

I did my first draft 2.0 race today, and I also felt that it incentivized more IRL-like racing behavior. Definitely more exciting. I hope more organizers choose to enable it.