Trigger a "lap" upon completion of an event

The ask is to trigger a “lap” event upon completion of an event, e.g. a race, and save it to the file that is later pushed to other platforms like Strava.

The thought is that many people continue a cooldown upon completion of a race so their complete activity includes two parts: (1) the race or a group ride and (2) the cooldown. I would like to be able to better see on Strava what were my stats for the “race” portion of an activity and filter out “cooldown” which is what a simple “lap” event in the tcx/gpx file would enable to do.

Currently, the “laps” are triggered only during workouts to differentiate between intervals.

To be clear:

  • This is not asking for adding “manual laps” which I bet were already proposed by others and would have larger impact on changes on the Zwift platform (in game and companion app).
  • This is also not asking to trigger a lap upon completion of a route since crossing the banner at the end of a route can have different meaning for people
  • This is only about: IF (event_type = race OR group_ride) AND finish_banner_cross = yes THEN trigger a lap

Do the Strava segments not show your lap times?

Hi James, this is not about Strava segments. It is about timing/filtering an event segment (part 1) which can be one lap, two laps or predefined distance. And then part 2 for cooldown.

Just throwing a stamp into the gpx/tcx files that would be pushed to external apps would solve it. Zwift already does it during workouts.

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I think I was more trying to understand what benefit this would give you?

The benefit is to be able to see on Strava/ what part of an activity was a race and what part was a cooldown.Then I could better see stats and charts for each, i.e. it would not be mixed into one long activity without splits.

Okay, understood and makes sense.

This does sound pretty edge case though, although I’m of course happy for people to vote away if it’s something they 'd like to see.

It’s not just Strava, is it? If I keep riding after crossing the line of some event, those miles still get added into one larger activity in MyZwift’s Activity Feed, that’s labelled the same as the event. So, ride a 12 mile Crit Race, and then ride another 12 miles casually, your “Activity” will be called the “XYZ Crit Race” but contain 24 miles’ worth of effort.

I like this idea.

Just the other day, I was trimming an event to get a clearer look at the race portion of my activity.

It gets my vote.

This seem purely to be about making your activities look to be faster (and more impressive) on Strava by removing your cool down at the end.
If you want to see your stats for a race look on Zwift Power. If you want to look good on strava quit the event as soon as it finishes, start a new ride on Zwift and call it a cool down on strava.

I think it’s really about just not muddying up one’s metrics in a race by blending in any warmup or cooldown periods, but just being able to see them separately. For that matter, if ZP can show the metrics for a race, they should be able to show the metrics separately on either side of that race as well since the full activity is handed to them. But, we’ve heard from Zwift that they really have no interest in showing much in the way of any data, if it comes from a non-race. (Kinda odd, now that the CE engine looks at any and every effort that people do).

That would be if you trim the activity. If you only insert a lap, then the outside eye on Strava will not notice anything as the totals will still show the same. It is only when you want to drill down and see the race split, you will be able to do so.