Tri Bike Stable

(Jeff Yoder (PCSM)) #1

There are a lot of us Triathletes that use Zwift during our indoor training season and when you get dumped 5+ inches of rain in 3 hrs outside.  Have about adding some Triathlon bikes to the stable, some cool Aero helmets, and maybe some fans cheering for us at the Start/Finish line of the loop or along the mountain climbs, like in the TDF??

(Eric C. (Zwift HQ)) #2

A lot of this is dependent on artist time and free memory - something we can finally do once we go full 64bit.

(Stephen Tanner) #3

Not to mention giving us a little more realistic ride.  No matter how much time I spend in my real life aero bars I don’t go any faster on the island. having tri bikes go faster in general, but not benefit as much from a draft would be ideal. 

(Northern Rider) #4

Seriously, Aero helmets and cheering? Too funny.