Trek Axle breaking

I have a tavs flux 2 smart trainer with a trek bike attached. It has a tube style axle ’ Brand-X Twist Lever Thru Axle’.

The axle snapped a month ago and I think the replacement is showing signs of snapping too. Any similar experiences out there. Any solutions other than use a different bike or lose that belly?

Something is very wrong there. Double-check the installation instructions for your trainer in terms of how to set it up for a thru-axle. Perhaps there’s an adapter that is missing?

If you’re not sure, it’s probably worth getting your local bike shop to have a look at both the bike and your trainer.

Best answer probably by Steve!
I broke an axle on one of my bikes, and I suspect repeated hitting of potholes in the road. Where I live, many of the roads have more potholes, patching than road, and not only hard on bikes, but hard on cars too. Come close to damaging rims on cars too! But, That is very much a different problem than yours.