Trainings - only 4

Hello! When I start Zwift and choose Training I can only see three or four runningplans.
So I thought there must be a lot more in Zwift ?!
How can I load more plans in Zwift

Í m using Zwift with the iPad


Yeah, running doesn’t get a while lot of love in Zwift. I keep seeing people say “running is in beta and probably always will be”. Makes me sad, using Zwift make treadmill running bearable in my opinion.

There are plenty of running workouts, but not much for actual plans. You can make your own workouts at and all the upload instructions are there. It’s quite basic and a little glitchy, but you’ll get the hang of it.

There are 6 plans on your screen and more if you scroll down. Not sure how many you can realistically have.

They go from beginners to long distance training