Training Peaks workouts

Where do I find my Training Peak workouts these days? This is the main reason I pay for this service!!!

Can you give a bit more information about your system. What has changed.

Did you try to un link and re link your workouts.

You should be able to click “workouts” and it should be at the top. I’ve been using it for years and it works fine. :blush:

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While we’re sorting this out you should still be able to use the Export to ZWO function in TrainingPeaks and load them into workouts folder manually as a workaround.

I have been using it for years too, also once every few upgrades they seem to stuff it up!

How do I do this please? I use Zwift on an iPad…

Weird, I’m sorry! Everything always works fine for me. Even after updates. :crazy_face:

I’ve tried it today and it is now appearing under training peaks workouts, thank you!

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